BYO Container/UWS Reduces Waste is a project of It’s Easy Being Green which was introduced in May 2023.  We are asking neighborhood coffee and tea shops and restaurants to display our BYO Container sticker in their storefront window, to let customers and passers-by know that they will accept their travel mug and/or food container to fill. We hope to include prepared food stores in the future when the NYS health codes are updated. We think this is a win/win that saves the shop money while reducing waste and excessive single use packaging.

BYO Container/UWS Reduces Waste is part of an exciting grassroots movement taking place in several cities across the country, including Ithaca NY, Washington DC, Silicon Valley CA, and others, under the umbrella of  US


    • Reduce single use disposable ware and plastic packaging that pollutes our planet  at every stage of its life cycle, from production through end use.

    • Reduce trash (and trash related costs for stores and taxpayers) in the community.

    • Support local businesses.

    • Strengthen the community by encouraging neighbors and local businesses to work      together.

    • Make BYO a habit and cultural norm.

      How you can help:

      • Adopt the habit of bringing your own reusable (water bottle, mug, food container for leftovers) when you go out for a beverage or a meal. (Check out collapsible container ideas in our May newsletter.)

      • Patronize our community partners (i.e. participating shops who are listed below.) Look for our sticker in the window.

      • Help us identify more stores who might participate. Email ideas to: Or…

      • Join us in spreading the word! Email us and we’ll supply fliers and stickers. The more participants, the better for all!


      Participating Stores:

      • Samad’s Gourmet (owner Sam) 2867 Broadway near 111th

      • Purple Waves (Owner Sharon) 285 W 110th St at CPW

      • Omonia Cafe (co-owner Baahar) 301 W 108th St @ Broadway

      • Super Nice Coffee & Bakery (owner Dan Cohen) 196 W. 108th near Amsterdam

      • Silver Moon Bakery (owner Judith) 2740 Broadway @ 105th

      • Broadway Pizza (owner Cesar) 2709 Broadway, near 104th (They serve coffee.)

      • Peaky Barista (owner Dragan) 2680 Broadway @ 102nd

      • Deli Grocery 644 Amsterdam @ 102nd

      • Cool Fresh Juice Bar (owner Kevin) 2661A Broadway @ 101st

      • Zelma’s Cafe (co-owner Samantha) 2661 Broadway near 101st

      • Metro Diner (owner Frank) 2641 Broadway @ 100th

      • Health Nuts (manager Nima) 2611 Broadway @ 99th

      • Dunkin Donuts (manager Andres) 2600 Broadway @ 98th

      • Peaky Barista (head barista Nikki) 667 Columbus Ave @ 93rd

      • Joe & The Juice 2466 Broadway @ 91st

      • H&H Bagels 526 Columbus Ave. near 85th St,

      Other Participants:

      • Manhattan Country School, 150 W 85th St.

       For Businesses Interested in Joining


      Why your business should participate:


      ·   You will save money  by lowering your packaging costs and waste removal fees.


      ·   You’ll be listed on our IEBG* website and promoted in our newsletter and on social media.


      ·    It’s safe by scientific consensus, under proper hygiene protocols  even during the                       pandemic.


      ·   It’s permitted,  per NYC regulations, to fill customer containers with beverages, as well as      leftover food from their meal.


      ·   Customers like it!  Many prefer businesses with sustainable practices. This takes the                  guesswork and awkwardness out of where they can bring and use their own mugs and              containers.


      ·   Be part of the solution that addresses out of control plastic pollution! Plastic harms                  human health and the environment at every stage of its lifecycle, from production                      through its end use. It disproportionately harms the poorest communities, and                            contributes to climate change. We all have a role to play in reversing this trend.



      How to Participate:


      ·   Display your ‘BYO’ sticker in your window to notify and remind customers.


      ·   Train employees on how to handle customer containers.


      ·   That’s it!  Start saving money and attracting environmentally conscious customers.  They        tend to be  a passionate and loyal bunch!


      Email us at to join this free program, or to learn more.

      *UWS Reduces Waste is a project of, and an affiliate of